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Welcome to Morada Bonito

Rooms are albums that provoke memories. What you decorate with should remind you of a street you wandered down or an experience that made you happy.” — Amy Hase, Designer

This is the thought that drives us.

Our name ‘Morada Bonito’ is rooted in the Portuguese language, collectively meaning a ‘pretty dwelling.’We help deliver bold and functional homes; devoid of clutter or spatial noise.

Each one of our customized offerings – modular kitchens, wardrobes, and home furnishings – reflect the different experiences you are yet to have.


Wurfel Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes

We believe that kitchens and closets should be a natural extension of your personality. Which is why we have a wide range of world-class modular kitchens and wardrobes to suit your unique style. Choose the right combination of elements with our catalogue – from modules to laminates and finishes!

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Mirroring the final brushstrokes on a masterpiece painting, our furnishings add the all-important finishing touches to your upscale living space. Only our palette includes smooth wooden flooring, luxurious mattresses and bedsheets, elegant wallpapers and more! After all, only Morada furnishings can complete a Morada home.

Brands We Work With

Who We Are

Morada (mo-ra-da)    Noun

  • Home
  • Where the heart is

Bonito (bo-nee-to)    Adjective

  • Beautiful
  • Your home beautified with our fine interiors

These words exemplify our professional services.

We at Morada Bonito provide home interior installation from order to design. Whether it’s Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes or Curtains, Upholstery, and Furnishings, we use the best materials to refurbish your living space, YOUR way.

The Morada Bonito advantage

Wide range of home interior products

Flexible and efficient services

High-quality brands under one roof

Innovative approach to design

Competitive pricing

Morada Bonito is the sister brand of

Mahaveer Hardware has over a decade of experience in sourcing materials to the Retail, Commercial, and Residential markets. Our extensive range of fittings feature the best international and Indian brands – ideal for your next furniture design project.

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No. 531, 1st and 2nd Floor
F-Block, 80ft Road,Sahakarnagar
Bangalore – 560092

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We are waiting to make your Morada home.


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